My career background includes graphic design and marketing, however in 2013, my world came crashing down, and with it came lessons of the possibilities of a new life, and new career. As I crawled my way out of one big confusing mess after another, I was drawn to the company of cows, which then lead me to educate myself on cows. This is easily one of the more remarkable times in my life, and as painful as it was, these life lessons cleared the way for me to discover my life’s purpose.

in 2015, I was given a cow, and I promptly sold that cow to a local organic shop, and then with the help of some gracious Mexican butchers, I learned how to process that cow. I learned the basics of raising grass-fed, grass-finished cows, and then learned how to butcher, package, sell, market and support that meat. I focus on education, and am excruciatingly aware that I participate in the sacrifice of the sacred cow in order for them to sustain our lives, so I pay tremendous attention to making sure the animals live an appropriate life.

I am aligned with the only certified organic cattle ranch in Mexico, Canada de la Virgen, and have continued my education and participation of the ethics of holistic cattle ranching, regenerative agriculture, and a profound sense of knowing where my food comes from. No longer Meagan the Vegan, I am proud to be a responsible omnivore, and mostly participating in a Paleo lifestyle. My health is strong, and I continue to educate and explore the complicated issues of raising holistically managed livestock for food production.

I am a featured Modern Farmer, a featured Female Farmer , and the marketing force behind Canada de la Virgen. I won a Modern Farmer contest, and have taken over their Instagram account to tell the story of organic cattle ranching. This has easily been the most emotional, rewarding, humbling and important work of my life, and I continue to align myself with the best and brightest, in my quest to be an Ethical Meat Advocate.