Top Notch CDMX Coffee Culture

July 2021 Mexico City

Delicious coffee explorations continue, and my coffee sketches are being shared by the cafes I’ve visited! Today we went to Mercado Lazaro Cardenas in Del Valle; no pets are allowed in Mercado, but ask nicely and the Señora selling bancos to the side of the main entrance will kindly watch your doggies while retrieving a delicious swan-topped coffee. Not possible to sketch this one, so I’ll look for another opp 🤓 Deeeeeeeeelicious coffee!!!

CAFÉ Passmar serves up a damn fine cup of coffee, and I bought some to have on hand.

Adolfo Prieto s/n Local 237 Col. Del Valle Norte, Deleg. Benito Juárez, CDMX
IG: @passmaroficial