Clearing the energy with rocks and Ramones

This past week was a bit challenging because of a very unruly house guest who pushed all my buttons and had me hiding in my own house. Thankfully “The Gods” intervened and this person went home early because she too was unable to stand the heat she created in the kitchen.

After a deep saging of the house and employing some intense space clearing practices, I was off to the dance studio where I totally had to shake off that energy. I am a graduate of Denise Linn’s Elemental Space Clearing course, but have not received my certification because I’ve not yet space cleared enough spaces, besides my own space. This was not a quickie weekend course and took some real space-clearing chops to complete. I have been a fan of Denise Linn for years and love her warm and personal style, something that really shines through in her courses. She’s a peach! I learned some amazing energy-shifting tools in this course, and use them quite often.

Space clearing has become quite trendy these days as many people are talking about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it’s on my to-read list, just as soon as I get through this pile of happy-dying and grass-fed beef books. (two different piles, not related jajajj… or are they?).  Space clearing and magical tidying up are different ways of saying Feng Shui, which yes, can surely be magical if done correctly and with good intention.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science form that focuses on balancing energy in any given space to achieve optimal health, wealth and success and takes more than a few lifetimes to master. The space clearing practices I studied in the Elemental course focused on Native American Indian practices, which seemed fitting, as I was in Central Texas. I was finding feathers and rocks and moon beams and these findings gave much meaning to my practice, as well as listening to the winds and trees for their worldly guidance. It was, in a word, magical.

I was just interrupted by a knock at the door; a man from Guanajuato selling the most amazing quartz crystals, citrines and various rocks I ever did see, at a price that is simply unheard of in the US of A. Now I am going to clear their energy and ask them to help me welcome in the new energy of today’s solar eclipse in Virgo!

Like a rock xx