Remember that time my dog was kidnapped in Mexico?

Friday evening, 7:30pm, I slipped into a bit of a staring jag after I paid for the piece of cake at Café Rama. A middle-aged Mexican couple caught my attention, eating their dinner at a small, window-side table. They were leaning in towards each other as she chatted a mile a minute, both eating … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, who let the dogs out?

I'm a fan of doing energy work (reiki) on my dogs and have seen great results on Henry, but this new Little Dude showed up and all bets were off. Bandito is not a fan! He found a new home at the neighbors and all is calm once again. … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Getting jazzed to dance NIA!

Central Texas had a special visiting NIA dance instructor, Holly Nastasi, and the Who's Who from Austin's NIA dance community came together to bing-bop and reach for the stars. Holly created the new REACH routine -- it was a blast! I was binging:)) … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Qi Gong-ing with the Ducks

  On a cloudy sunrise on Horseshoe Bay, three little ducks paid a visit as I did my morning qi gong, which is all about opening up my energy lines by gently twisting from my spine. Figure 8's, beach-balling, pulling up the earth's energy... QUACK!! … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Blowing Kisses in Lake Geneva It was a balmy 18 degrees at sunrise in Lake Geneva, so I did a t'ai chi move to help my circulation get moving. Suddenly there was a HUUUUUGE cracking noise, the ice was shifting, so I began to blow kisses to my mom, because this is her lake, and I … [Read more...]