New Energy in 15, Twirling the chi in the Guatamalan braids While in San Miguel de Allende, I picked up some gorgeous Guatamalan textile braids that are perfect for cross-over twirling, which extends the stagnant chi energy out and away from my body. Twirling is great fun and will really lift your spirits, I … [Read more...]

The things you discover when larking about …

I had the best of intentions when I started this challenge; to share a part of myself every day for the month of June, and I do share a bit of myself each day on Instagram. However, I had to hit the brakes on my writing, because there was such a huge shift in my world, energetic and physical, I … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice!

I missed a day of posting... I'll be honest, I simply ran out of things to talk about and I have also started a new project with a company that has taken up a good chunk of my time. That said, today of the eve of the Summer Solstice and I was finally able to prepare an altar! I have not had an … [Read more...]

Motherless Day 2014

Every evening at sunset, I have the extreme fortune to jump into a man-made swimming hole in the middle of a Texas Hill Country ranch and it is completely invigorating and effervescent.  The water is cold, the tadpoles are lively, and the scenery is a-buzz, even sometimes with horses or … [Read more...]

One Amazing Act of Kindness

I used to scoff at people who claimed they were blessed and/or were grateful. I had a hard time being grateful a few years back.... not so much anymore; I've had more than a few brushes with magic and now feel grateful everyday -- even on bad days. It's not perfect, but I stay committed to looking … [Read more...]