Drift Out of Driftwood

This week I am closing up life at the ranch and joining Reed in San Miguel de Allende for the next few weeks. It's hot as a witch's breath here in Austin; everything's gone and dried up and blowing in the dust. I hear cackles in the wind, it's that hot. I'm so very happy to be heading down south; … [Read more...]

Andale Austin

I have been in Texas for just over a year and in the past few weeks -- no, days really, it has truly begun to feel like home. I am feeling so much support in this cradle in the middle of Texas, I find myself caught off guard and tingly-all-over by the kindness of strangers and not-so-strangers that … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, feeling HOT at HOPE Gallery

I attempted to do some energy moves at the always-interesting HOPE Outdoor Art Gallery, but it went from 68 to 93 degrees in a flash this recent Sunday. I was already feeling pretty angry and find that I cannot flow with the gentler exercises such as qi gong or t'ai chi when I am feeling like this. … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Getting jazzed to dance NIA!

Central Texas had a special visiting NIA dance instructor, Holly Nastasi, and the Who's Who from Austin's NIA dance community came together to bing-bop and reach for the stars. Holly created the new REACH routine -- it was a blast! I was binging:)) … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Sunset Bucerias Qi Gong

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZn1tIEQrMc Gorgeous days and nights on this beach; it was incredibly easy to do my qi gong exercises here because it was so amazing. The gratitude is bursting out of me! … [Read more...]