Remember that time my dog was kidnapped in Mexico?

Friday evening, 7:30pm, I slipped into a bit of a staring jag after I paid for the piece of cake at Café Rama. A middle-aged Mexican couple caught my attention, eating their dinner at a small, window-side table. They were leaning in towards each other as she chatted a mile a minute, both eating … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Sunset Bucerias Qi Gong Gorgeous days and nights on this beach; it was incredibly easy to do my qi gong exercises here because it was so amazing. The gratitude is bursting out of me! … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Morning Stretches on Bucerias Have you ever put your whole heart and soul into your morning stretch? It feels amazing, doesn't it? Greeting the sun on the morning beach and RAWRing as I stretch is a tremendous start to the day... xx … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Valentine’s Mambo of Love I've started doing t'ai chi with fans, because it helps move the stagnant energy out and away from my body, and on this Valentine's Day, my guy Reed joined me with his ice cream cone to dance a little t'ai mambo. There are classes on this in San Miguel … [Read more...]

New Energy in 15, Twirling the chi in the Guatamalan braids While in San Miguel de Allende, I picked up some gorgeous Guatamalan textile braids that are perfect for cross-over twirling, which extends the stagnant chi energy out and away from my body. Twirling is great fun and will really lift your spirits, I … [Read more...]