PicTweetArt September 2015



Another month of the daily PicTweetArt’s! The point of this exercise, although I wasn’t really sure when I began, was to create a daily ritual of drawing each day. I didn’t occurred to me that my skill would improve, because why would I think such a thing? My skill has improved and my non-stop curiousity about drawing people is pushing me to study the human body. I draw ’em when I’m walking down the street, I draw in my sleep. If you catch me staring at you, I’m probably looking at the line of your neck errrr something.

This daily exercise has also highlighted my weaknesses and where I want to improve; mostly hands and feet. I am practicing drawing the body in one continual stroke, which has been nerve-wracking, but also quite thrilling when I nail the curve of a back or something similar. But almost always, I choke when I get to the hands. Feet are getting better, but hands trip me up!

I am in a weekly live drawing class, which has been great practice for (d’uhhh) drawing the human body, and it’s rather up close and personal. I feel high as a kite when I walk out after two hours of drawing. I am trying to persuade Henry Vermillion to once again teach a drawing class, because I totally admire his work and think his hands are amazing–the ones he’s drawn.

And so it goes….. thank you for following along.

My Daily #PicTweetArt

After feeling tremendously inspired from the #15minArt project I did this past winter, I had been hankering to do another daily exercise because I really loved how it changed me. Creating a piece of art each morning literally changed my brain — it disrupted my thinking patterns —  and this alone is reason enough to continue to do the things I am doing.  This is to say I like it, I really like creating art each morning.

I poked around on Twitter to see if there was a daily art project I could jump in on, but found nothing. So on March 18, 2015, I began my own Twitter project: #PicTweetArt.

Each morning I randomly pick a tweet, draw it fairly quickly then post it on Twitter, tweeting it to the Creator of the tweet I have selected. Generally speaking I stay away from rules when doing this project, but there are a few guidelines: no agency tweets, no promoted tweets and I tend to select real tweets written on the fly by real people. What I am finding is that I need to expand my Twitter network, because apparently I am following a lot of marketers and machines — ain’t nothing worse than tweets sent out by marketers and machines!

This daily exercise has taught me so much and I have only been doing this for a month! My preferred drawings are ones that I do quickly and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, and secondly, although I want to criticize each drawing I complete, I am getting much better at just letting it go because I can continue to hone my skills with each passing day. I have trouble with hands and feets, so this I know I want to understand better.

It is a wonderful daily exercise that is really helping my confidence level; go figure. I learn something new everyday and that makes me happy:)))

Follow me on Twitter at @meagan_burns_ (I am no longer @meagburnt, may she Rest In Peace!), and perhaps I will choose your tweet some day!