New Energy in 15, up, up in the AIR in Aspen!

What an INCREDIBLE way to start the day, up with the hot air balloons at Snow Mass just outside of Aspen! I am doing an energy medicine move called “Heaven & Earth”! This grounding technique will help move stress out of your body and calm your senses.

Reach up with a flat palm on your right hand, while your left hand is palm-facing the earth, and take a deep breath. Switch positions as you breathe deep. Heaven & Earth, thank them both!

New Energy in 15, First Figure 8’s

The day I decided to share all-things-good-energy I’ve been studying: Energy medicine, qigong, t’ai chi, NIA dance, intuition development, reiki, yoga, meditation and raising my vibration… all which have helped navigate my way through grief.

New Energy in 15, Fire up the Brain

My very first #NewEnergyin15 and I didn’t even know it! I had been taking an awesome Mambo T’ai Chi class in San Miguel de Allende (I go every time I’m in SMA, see Lydia Wong if you go!).

Lydia teaches a fun & energetic style of learning t’ai chi, because she knows it can get boring, so she mixes it up with salsa, mambo and really great brain disrupters! By creating new ways of thinking — new patterns — we keep our brains young & juicy. This exercise will disrupt old patterns by having you counting backwards, in spanish, while flexing “lazy” fingers.

The feet are moving too, but I’ll get to that another time.