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My name is Meagan Burns (@meagan_burns_) and I’m an artist and energy tweaker living in the Texas Hill Country, although originally from Chicago. My creative spirit has lead the way most of my life, and I have spent many years exploring the continent, living in Chicago, San Francisco, Malibu, Phoenix, Paris, San Miguel de Allende and now out in the boonies of Austin, Texas.

My early career years were spent in Corporate America, in graphic design and event management, but 2012 was a brutal year and I had a number of metaphorical “fall downs” which left me standing at quite a sad and bizarre crossroads in my life. I was fired from jobs I could barely stomach, yet the pain of these losses were tremendous. I had to sell all my possessions to stay afloat, yet I did not stay afloat. Then came the illness-then-death of my mom in 2013 which necessitated a serious timeout to focus on my health, both mental and physical.

If you can withstand the fall of losing everything, including pride and possessions, hitting new ground with a new shade of light can be the most spectacular thing ever.

After my mom’s death, I awakened with a new sense of the energy around me. The air felt different, I felt different — everything was different. I began to explore energy healing through reiki, yoga, qi gong, meditation and dance, and with all these energetic efforts came a fresh twist on my artistic abilities that literally could not be silenced no more.

This website houses my blog, my energy work and my artistic efforts, all of which I would now like to share with the world. This path has helped me walk through and process my grief in a way that has lifted me higher than I ever thought possible. I discovered love and I learned how to be nice for the first time in my life. Nice! So easy, yet so far away…. until now.

I create a weekly video of my quest to positively tweak my energy and I also do a daily drawing after randomly selecting a tweet from Twitter. (follow me @meagan_burns_!)
My Buddhist friend tells me, “don’t become a Buddhist, remain the Buddha; that way you can still make mistakes and not feel bad.” I am still making mistakes. And I am still laughing. And dancing. And I am still looking for a job lol 😀