My Daily #PicTweetArt

After feeling tremendously inspired from the #15minArt project I did this past winter, I had been hankering to do another daily exercise because I really loved how it changed me. Creating a piece of art each morning literally changed my brain — it disrupted my thinking patterns —  and this alone is reason enough to continue to do the things I am doing.  This is to say I like it, I really like creating art each morning.

I poked around on Twitter to see if there was a daily art project I could jump in on, but found nothing. So on March 18, 2015, I began my own Twitter project: #PicTweetArt.

Each morning I randomly pick a tweet, draw it fairly quickly then post it on Twitter, tweeting it to the Creator of the tweet I have selected. Generally speaking I stay away from rules when doing this project, but there are a few guidelines: no agency tweets, no promoted tweets and I tend to select real tweets written on the fly by real people. What I am finding is that I need to expand my Twitter network, because apparently I am following a lot of marketers and machines — ain’t nothing worse than tweets sent out by marketers and machines!

This daily exercise has taught me so much and I have only been doing this for a month! My preferred drawings are ones that I do quickly and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, and secondly, although I want to criticize each drawing I complete, I am getting much better at just letting it go because I can continue to hone my skills with each passing day. I have trouble with hands and feets, so this I know I want to understand better.

It is a wonderful daily exercise that is really helping my confidence level; go figure. I learn something new everyday and that makes me happy:)))

Follow me on Twitter at @meagan_burns_ (I am no longer @meagburnt, may she Rest In Peace!), and perhaps I will choose your tweet some day!