Fire Ants are from Hell

If there is one thing about living in Central Texas that raises the hair on the back of my neck, it’s the amount of creatures and critters I must learn how to do the two-step with, because they rule the land.  I am far less frightened of them at this age in my life, but that does not mean they are not showing up in my path, no Siree Bub, this land is their land, this land is their land. this land was made for them and them.

Field of Fire Ant Mounds = Deadly

Scorpions are hideous creatures and seem to appear in places you’d never expect; in the sink when doing dishes, on the inside of the bathrobe that I’m about to put on, inside the ovenmitt, discovered a moment too late after rushing to get the hot burning bread out of the oven. After I met my first scorpion while doing the dishes a few weeks ago, I literally launched off into The Scorpion Dance and bounced my ways backwards through the house in order to distance myself from it.  I had the creepy-crawlies all damn day.  But you can’t let them stop you. Keep on keeping on.

I am torn whether or not to post the pictures of all the creatures I come across.  That means I have to look at the photos again, and I always take photos.  I can’t seem to stop myself, it’s a gross fascination with that which I abhor. That said, here they are, a few of my buddies:

I attempt to make peace with them, in order for them not to rule my life and appear everywhere and this tactic seems to work — somewhat, but c’mon this is Texas.  Mostly you must be smart about it and proactive; I always shake my shoes out, spray my bed with peppermint and lavendar each night before going to bed, and now I carry homeopathic pellets with me, so that I don’t have to carry an epi-pen.  For the dreaded Red Imported Fire Ant.

In 2007, I was bit three times on my big toe by a fire ant or three fire ants, I am not sure because it happened so quickly and then they were gone.  My toe blew up and I had to get to the Emergency Room to have my toe lanced off.  Followed by two days of being a zombie while the pain meds did their magic — it was AWFUL.

I suffered five fire ant bites on both feet last week, and again my feet blew up and I was in searing, burning pain, just as their name suggests. I didn’t see a doctor until I came up for air and the pain subsided.  I was told my allergic reaction to these bites would get worse and now I need to carry an epi-pen. Ugh, an epi-pen! That’s what Uma Thurman got to the heart in Pulp Fiction!!

This did not set well with me so I made an appointment with a Naturopath doctor and have since been taking homeopathic pellets made for stings and bites, called APIS

I got bit by another fire ant on Saturday night.  It swelled up for an hour or so and then chilled the hell out.  I will continue to take the pellets as opposed to an epi-pen, because that’s just how I roll.

My new best friend, Apis

I also went to Allen’s Boots in South Austin to get some epic short cowboy boots, because my feet get hot but I need to cover them ankles!

Aways be prepared for what Texas is gonna throw at you, and never, ever jump without looking. xoxo