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Meagan Burns, Holistic Meat Advocate and Artist

There’s a HUGE PUSH by paid celebrities and Silicon Valley darlings to convince the general public that veganism and fake meat will save the planet. While I agree that factory farming is and will continue to destroy land, animals and overall health, please remember that there is also a big push for Regenerative Agriculture to restore and support grazing lands, water and ecosystems, and to return to a more balanced relationship of producing and eating food. Demand better treatment of your food and local farmer. It’s not cool to be unconscious about how your food is made, and who died to feed you. Death supports life and once I truly started to understand and participate in this cycle, my life changed tremendously. These are the cows of Driftwood, Texas, where I first learned about cows, ranching, meat and how it’s made. I did reiki on them, I sat with them, we stared at each other A LOT. A short time later I was given one cow and threw myself head and heart first into higher welfare meat. Fake meat is here and if that gets you off the factory farmed junk, so be it. Veganism is a choice, not a solution. There will still be cows who deserve a decent life and our respect. #THANKACOW